Heartland Trans* Wellness Group (HTWG) is an organization run by the trans* community, for the trans* community. We believe in addressing trans* oppression and injustice through intersectional work founded in social justice. We strive to raise up the voices of our community that are seldom heard, with particular attention to trans* youth, trans* communities of color, trans* people with (dis)abilities and health concerns, rural trans* people, and trans* people living in poverty. By empowering trans* communities, we aim to meet trans* needs and promote comprehensive, accessible health, wellness, and educational resources.

Mission Statement

Heartland Trans* Wellness Group is dedicated to the development of physical, emotional, and social wellness resources for trans* populations and their related communities in the Midwestern United States of America with a focus on services in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Populations Defined:

We aim to serve Midwestern people in the greater trans* community. HTWG defines the greater trans* community as all who are impacted by the trans* experience:  People within a gender variant spectrum including but not limited to those who identify as trans*, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, non-binary, fluid, two spirit, gender non-conforming, intersex, polygender, bigender, agender, neutrois, men, women, gender gifted, and/or gender questioning/processing people; partners and significant others; parents, siblings, and family members; and friends of trans people. 

Action Plan

HTWG goals and objectives include:

  • Create and provide educational resources for trans* and queer education, community building, and wellness
  • Foster positive, trans* focused social spaces for community building and support
  • Create and promote accessible, non-pathologizing health care resources for Midwest trans* and queer communities
  • Develop comprehensive gender identity-focused educational programs for professionals and the public
  • Establish trans* and queer community centers and wellness clinics based in affirming, non-pathologizing methodologies

Awards and Grants